Alpha Riding Gear

Alpha Riding Gear

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Alpha Riding Gear, From the Homeland

A rider in full gear in the roads of Nepal is a rare sight which will elicit a barrage of turning heads and inquiries. We're too used to people riding motorcycle in casuals, even sporting some breezy shorts, vest and flip flops. The only problem is it's not the safest thing to be wearing when you're riding a motorcycle. Granted that most of the motorcycles are used for short trips around the city omitting proper safety wear isn't excusable. Of course the fact that proper riding gear will render a financial setback so brutal you might just consider walking for the rest of your life.

Alpha Riding Gear is a Nepali Motorcycle clothing company that actually produces high quality certified saftey gears. And we actually mean it. The products are definitely inspired from bigger brand names but the quality of the materials and safety considerations are top of the notch. Check out some of the product on this website

So keeping this in mind well look the other way as long as you're wearing a good helmet, jacket, jeans and not flipflops. However, owning proper motorcycle gear should be a priority if you're someone who rides a high performance machine or goes on fairly regular motorcycle trips. Still doesn't make it any easier to get good quality riding gear at an affordable price... or does it?